3 Ways for Small Business Owners to Motivate Staff

Keeping a team motivated can prove to be somewhat challenging for small business owners. However, having a workforce get behind a business’ development can play a major role in achieving and sustaining growth. To reach new heights, businesses need personnel to fully understand their role in getting there. Owners and department managers should cultivate a company culture in which each team member has a sense of ownership that inspires strong performance, accountability, and innovation.

  1. Give Positive Feedback and Show Appreciation

Employees need to hear about how they are doing. Employers should always be sure to take time to commend when someone is doing something well. In particular, praising good teamwork can be an effective way to reinforce its importance in facilitating growth.

  1. Offer Guidance When Staff Is Struggling

It may seem counterintuitive, but it is possible for feedback that is less than positive to motivate an employee. Employees need to know that managers care about how they are doing and that what they are doing is important. Talking to team members when some of their performance is up to par can be constructive when you discuss what they can do to correct the issue.

Offering useful suggestions and expressing confidence in someone’s ability to do better in the future can be highly motivating. Instead of simply conveying dissatisfaction, managers should always make it a point to talk about solutions. When you direct the conversation towards problem-solving rather than criticism, employees will not be quite so discouraged or frustrated about receiving negative feedback. Pointing towards solutions may alleviate any frustration that the issue you are addressing may have been creating for them.

  1. Provide Financial Incentives

When growth means a lot more work but no substantive benefits for the team members who are doing it, they may experience problems with morale or even begin to form resentments. A strategic growth plan has to include incentives for team members as a business reaches each new phase of its development. When an employee can anticipate some upside rather than having to worry about additional responsibilities, he or she will work hard to advance growth plans.

Successful small businesses find ways to keep their workforce positively engaged as they expand and refine operations. Including staff in the planning process can be particularly helpful because it fosters a shared vision among owners and staff, and both will be gratified to make development plans a reality.